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Donate now to help keep our ambulance in service!

BRAVO operates on your generosity through community donations.

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BRAVO has provided free emergency volunteer ambulance service to the Bay Ridge, Dyker Heights, and Ft. Hamilton communities since 1974. We are comprised of 100% all-volunteer and operate on the generosity of members of our community, like you.

Not unlike the cost of everything else, our Operations budget continues to skyrocket. Currently, the cost of replacing an ambulance is almost $200,000.00. The insurance cost for our vehicles and building is greater than $60,000.00 annually. The cost of just equipping the ambulance with new state-of-art stretcher cost us an additional $50,000.00.

We can not do this alone. We continually need your generosity and support to keep us viable and sustainable throughout the years. As we close in on our 50th Anniversary, we need your help to remain strong, BRAVO STRONG.